Kodi 17 - Backup - backups of animated posters

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Question  Backup - backups of animated posters
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Hi there

I'm the kind of user that moves/restores the installation of Kodi quite often.
To make sure I always have a backup to go back to, I use the Add-On "Backup"

The plugin works just fine, but I have ran into a problem after I have begun experimenting with animated posters.

As an example I have here "Back To The Future" where I have added a gif as the poster. It works fine at the source, but after creating and restoring the backup the result I get is the following.
[Image: DmdcydZ.jpg]

The poster is simply missing.

Is it me or the Add-on that is doing something wrong?

I don't know how restoration of the posters works behind the scenes, so If I'm adding the gifs in a wrong way I'd be glad to know.
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