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Beta -  Embuary
That's great @sualfred. Super stoked about this. Smile
Might have found a bug:
Scrolling sideways on the "cast" and "more like this" widgets in the movie information and TV show information screens displays the circle in the lower left corner.
It only seems to happen when viewing the info screen in the library views, not on the home screen.
Also related to the skin helper widget. It won't stop updating. Just ignore it. I will replace this widget with my own source anyway.
This will be a very long post, so sorry in advance for that =Þ
It will contain suggestions and ideas that I would love for you to consider.
I'll try to divide it into parts.

  • Minimal busy loader. When backing out of a TV show you can sometimes see the loading circle in the middle of the screen for a tenth of a second. For things that takes 2+ seconds to load, I can understand why it's there, but this only shows for a very brief moment, and it catches your eye.                                      Maybe a green loading bar under the top menu bar, shooting outwards to both sides in the same manner as the green bar you can see when editing widget configuration in settings could be an option? The only problem would be when you've scrolled down and the top menu bar is hidden.. hmm. Having a delay on the visibility for the loading circle would probably work better.  

  • Show loading circle when clicking an actor. See above. A delay of a few seconds before showing the loading circle. Sometimes it takes 5+ seconds for the extendedinfo script to load the actor info. Showing the loading circle after around two seconds would make things better.

  • When kiosk mode is toggled on, have an additional setting for disabling the side panel. I've asked for this before. I still think this would be an excellent addition to the skin. I often scroll too far to the left and I'm certain others do the same. I don't know the complexity of this, but I'll end this sentence with a huge "please". 
  • When kiosk mode is toggled on, hide "Media info" in information screens. I feel this is dedudant anyway, as the same information is listed above (under the synopsis/plot). Would give the skin a cleaner look in my opinion.

  • New widget: "Part of the xxx collection" / "Also in this collection/set". Only shows up if the movie is part of a set.

  • An icon in the shape of an eye or a heart next to "Watch now" / "Trailer" to add the movie or show to emby favorites.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            (PS: I think "favourites" is a stupid name. Should be called "Watchlist" in my opinion. Most people wouldn't add a movie or show as a favourite. Once they've seen it's seldom played again, with a few exceptions. A watchlist on the other hand...that'd be handy. But that's probably a request I should take up with the emby developers).

  • Randomize categories in the genres view on entry so the TV shows/movies don't always stay the same. Add "See more" as the 11th, 21th or 26th entry, depending on how many entries you want to show. See post #696 for more info.

  • See post #696. "See more" at the end of widgets to see more items/shows/movies etc.
  • When autorefreshing widgets, the selection isn't focused on the first item in the widget when you navigate to it, it instead loads x amount of items before the item that previously was the first item. Should it automatically scroll to the first item when you're not browsing that widget? Also, is there any way to cancel refreshing of a widget when it's in focus?

  • Slide view. I love this view. In my opinion it's perfect, apart from one thing... The thumbnail showing in the top left instead of the season poster. I've posted about this before. It was a "no" back then, but I hope you will reconsider. I think it would also look good with no artwork in the top left at all (moving everything else to the left to occupy that space).

  • Blue Radiance is great apart from the blue side panel, blue context menu and the blueish translucent screen you see on the power menu and briefly when performing a search. Switching these elements with a gray translucent would make it 10/10.

  • Option to rename this to "Watchlist"?

  • Display your own (local) Kodi rating or preferrably your Trakt rating somewhere on the artwork in your library.

  • Add to Emby Favourites in the context menu (without having to go to Emby Options -> Add to Emby Favourites). If it was called Watchlist it'd be perfect.

Aaaaaaand, that's all. Hopefully you'll read through it all to see if there's any ideas you like. Thanks for your time Smile
Keep up the amazing work. Still the #1 skin in my opinion.
Thanks for the detailed feedback and suggestions. See my replies below.

Top menu bar:
-> Not possible

Cast widget:
-> It's a issue of ExtendendInfo script. No to workarounds for bugs which aren't caused by a skin. I'm also annoyed by it, but I only have limited control about the busy spinner.

Kiosk mode:
-> Since the side panel is a navigation element and has nothing to do with settings -> Nope. That's a personal preference.
-> Same applies to the media info things

Movie info screen:
-> Would be no problem, but since Kodi only supports one set per movie I don't see any benefit of it. I'll think about it.

TV/Movie information screen:
->  Emby favourit tihng: Requires addon support. I'll talk to Angelblue.

-> Already on my list, but will only work for Leia.

-> No to "see more" because of several technical reasons. And it's not possible for all things.
-> I have no control of the focus

Episode view:
-> Nope. Personal preference.

-> Nope. Personal preference.

-> Nope. Personal preference.

-> I have no Trakt rating access. I'm also thinking about dropping the skin helper rating support. The addon is not really maintained anymore and full of bugs.

Context menu:
-> Kodi and plugin handled. And personal prefence.
Ooh trakt integration would be awesome.. at least just to be able to view user created watchlists would be a cool feature to see on the skin or even in the emby add-on when you talk to angelblue?

Hate the fact that some questionable 3rd party add ons seem to be the only way to do this within Kodi ATM. I remember the trakt.tv list add-on that used to work with extended info and worked really well with library content that was in a user watchlist.... but that's no longer working or being developed due to trakt changing their verification protocols. Last I checked it was on the back burner until someone could pick it up to develop.
The Emby addon is responsible for Emby. And the Trakt plugin for Emby is only able to sync the watched states. So this will never happen.
@sualfred thanks for this great skin.
Do you that would be possible add a lock view option for addons? I has some of them that can browser movie directories and the default view is set as "list". I can change to Wide or Poster view, but if you jump to next page, view is reset to "list". Would be great if is possible to lock on Poster view.!!

Nope. That's the default behaviour of Kodi for addon sources.
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