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i have a question or feature request to the developer of the dvblink addon. Is there a chance to get or use / improve the enhanced epg infos from dvbviewer in kodi?
In this screenshot
are two main areas, The text beside the poster will be imported but the upper part with actors with role, year, length, star rating and so on will not be inported.
Thanks in advance
Questions for the dvblink dev(s) would be better fit in the dvblink requests forum section. I doubt it will be answered here
As i expect the answer from one of the developer of dvblink:
"The amount of additional info, shown by Kodi, is limited and depends very much on skin that you use.
DVBLink addon provides everything it has to Kodi and the rest is decided on the other side."
So who can help? The developer from the skin or the developer from team kodi? Very annoying.
Hi tehax,
im on milhouse builds and for me, epg with dvblink player and kodi is pretty much the same.
In Kodi i can see actors, year, length etc. - therefore all epg data which is provided by tvadviser seems to be "transported" in kodi...
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Thanks for your answer. Is there a one click shortcut button to get direct from live tv to this view?
I think now it is a missing info from the skin. I am actually on estuary mod v2. There is currently e.g. no easy way to get actors info tab like in kodi v17. When pressing "i" button only less infos are shown.
Maybe i am missing the easy functionalities from WMCConfused
You could use the keymap editor addon and go to: <edit> , <fullscreen live tv>, <windows>, <open pvr guide info> and assign the remote button of your choice (for me its the "info"-button on my harmony remote).
As a former MCE user i am with you BlushWink
Works the addon also for keyboard use? I don' t have remotes.
Should work with every keyboard, remote you can use within kodi.
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