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Full disclosure: This is my first post and I'm not a very tech aware person. I looked and couldn't find this topic in the forum but if this has been answered just point me in the right direction.

I was directed to KODI (XBMC) from Olive Audio. Olive made a product called the 04HD which is essentially a music server. One by one I ripped my CDs into the Olive as .flac files as recommended by the manufacturer. It works great and sounds terrific. They've discontinued the 04HD and are now producing the Olive One. To transfer my music collection from my Olive 04HD to the Olive One they recommend using XBMC version 12.3 but they warned that it might not bring the .flac (metadataHuh) over. I did as instructed and the files transferred over but without .flac so they won't transfer to my Olive One. I manually added .flac to all the songs on a few CDs and they transferred to the Olive One fine.

Is there a way to transfer my music and keep the .flac? Might I have missed a step?

I've seen web based software that will add metadata back. Is there a simple one that anyone can recommend? (I have more than 1,000 CDs in my collection so doing it manually would be debilitating.

Finally, am I even on the right forum? I downloaded XBMC through KODI.

Thanks in advance.

XBMC 12 is becoming prehistoric. It's about 5-6 years old by now.
What are you running it on?
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Thanks for the reply.

I had heard that it was an older version but they recommended 10.1 or 12.3.

I'm using a HP laptop running Windows 10.
XBMC doesn't (didn't) touch metadata in flac or other music files. When you add a folder structure of music files to XBMC as a "source" it will allow you to browse through your folders. In XBMC time frame, there was a separate view for music files, and one for a music library. To create the library, it is necessary to have XBMC "scan" all your files, at which time it will read all the metadata and pull supported data from the tags into an XBMC database. It can then launch www data search/extract add-on programs (called for historical reasons "scrapers") to find additional information about artists, albums, and songs that you have scanned, and that information is added to the database as a "value-added".

It looks like your Olive One is able to act as a DLNA/upnp renderer that can be "played to" or can pull music from a server. I don't really remember how much capability exists in the XBMC versions supporting upnp. I would think you would want to install the current version of Kodi (17.4) for best possible chance of DLNA/upnp working with your Olive One (assuming I am right about how Olive One works).

scott s.
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