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Release - Kodi v17.4 (final)

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ronie Offline
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[Image: kodi_eclipse.jpg?itok=evhy7hsB]

It has been a while since we released 17.3 release which fixed several issues. Now the time has come to do another named 17.4 where we tackled several more issues that were identified. Although we already moved on with development towards v18 we do take the time to fix issues for the current release when we can. We recommend every one to upgrade to this version once it's available for their platform to have the best experience possible. If you want to know what has changed you can browse the list below.


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kennywayne07 Offline
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Original post corrected, no need for this comment anymore. Mods, feel free to delete this post.
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natethomas Offline
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Good catch. Fixed it.
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klamia71 Offline
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Excellent work...from last night that android made automatically the update nothing works on kodi
i had to do everything from the begging....
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DarrenHill Offline
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The update is done by the play store, not us. If you don't want it, just disable automatic updates in the store.

And when you say "nothing works", what exactly do you mean?

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klamia71 Offline
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by nothing i mean nothing
no addons
i event cant add new source
does reaches old sources
i had to uninstall the kodi and reinstall it from the start
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ByteBandit Offline
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Where can I find a version of it for Debian 8 (Jessie) amd64? I can not find anything for days. Excuse my English
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Dangelus Online
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We don't support or maintain the Debian builds, Debian does. Sometimes they take a little while to compile their comparable builds.

From what i can tell they only provide Kodi v16.x builds for Jessie. For v17.x you'd need to run the Debian development release "sid" or roll your own i guess.

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AvalPlaza Offline
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We love you, Team-Kodi

Such an amazing job you are doing, hope you feel it's worth it (most of the time) Nod
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pmpcmartins Offline
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linux download not working
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