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So I've been using Kodi with Media Portal as a PVR Backend for a while. Since 16.x the GUI indicators for the PVR have not been working. For example, a scheduled recording should show a checkmark by the shows title in the Guide, but this is no longer happening. I did a clean install of 17.3, with Media Portal as the backend, to see if this would solve the problem, but I'm still not seeing these indicators. This is true with the New Default skin Estuary or Switching back to Confluence


I think this is related to the way Kodi is separating "timers" and "timer rules". If I have a rule to record StarTrek anytime on channel 22, the show is recorded but I never see the GUI or Guide indicators. However, if I set a timer to record StarTrek at a specific time, ex. Wednesday at 7PM on Channel 22, the indicators in the GUI and the Checkmark in the guide does show.

I don't want to go though the Guide everyday and mark specific recordings, obviously I want to set up recording rules and let the PVR record every time a show I like is broadcast. How can I get the GUI to show the status for scheduled timers?

Hello deamon_knight

Your cache settings in the advancedsettings.xml file are incorrect and non-functional. See here...

Your debug log is incomplete, and you have enabled debugging mode at the end of the log.
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Thanks for pointing out the changes to the cache settings. I think this should have the needed log info.

I added a new , non-repeating recording for today 08/27 on Channel 22.1 "Black Sheep Squadron" This is showing the GUI indicator in Estuary TV Section as the next scheduled recording, and also showing a checkmark in the Guide for this show. Following that, on the same channel in the subsequent time slots StarTrek is broadcast, which will be recorded following my repeating timer rules, but does not show any indicators in the GUI.


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