Adjust refresh rate overrides not behaving as expected
I just updated from 16.2 to 17.4. My AV receiver reports 25 and 50Hz as valid refresh rates even though my TV doesn't support it, so I use these overrides in my advancedsettings.xml:

In 16.2, when encountering a 24p video, Kodi would correctly set the display to 24Hz.

In 17.4, though it now keeps the display at 60Hz for 24p videos. It appears that when overrides are set, Kodi now does not attempt to select an appropriate refresh rate outside of what is given in advancedsettings.xml. If I remove the overrides entirely, then it uses 24Hz for 24p videos.

Log file excerpt:
20:17:02.847 T:7284   DEBUG: Found Resolution [email protected] 60.00 - Full Screen (16) from fallback (refreshmin:59.990 refreshmax:60.010)
20:17:02.847 T:7284  NOTICE: Display resolution ADJUST : [email protected] 60.00 - Full Screen (16) (weight: 0.166)
20:17:02.847 T:7284   DEBUG: ------ Window Deinit (DialogBusy.xml) ------

Full log file:

Edit: Looks like the behavior must have changed at some point. According to the wiki, I need to remove the fallback tags, and doing so solves the problem.

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Adjust refresh rate overrides not behaving as expected0
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