Linux Kodi Memory Consumption goes high on fast forward?

after the first problem solved ;-) we come to my next problem.

Since i upgraded to LibreElec 8.xx i have a problem when i fast forward a movie from the internal SSD the memory get´s full and after i stop the Movie the memory don´t free up but rather stay´s high.

later it goes so high that Kodi freeze up and restart after a while. After that the Memory consumption is normal again.

Here i describe the Problem

Hiere i make a video in the past to show that problem.

with latest beta 8.10 the problem is there.

Now i don´t know if is a Kodi Problem or a Linux Problem.
So you won't bother answering the question in the other topic?
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Quote:Sep 01 03:19:53 IntelNuc systemd[1]: Stopped Kodi Media Center.
Sep 01 03:19:53 IntelNuc systemd[1]: Starting Kodi Media Center...
Sep 01 03:19:53 IntelNuc kodi-config[3208]: chmod: /storage/.kodi/addons/*/bin/*: No such file or directory
Sep 01 03:19:53 IntelNuc systemd[1]: Started Kodi Media Center.

here is what the journalctl -f says

And here the Debug Log

I posted it in the Libreelec forum too.
Nobody here that have an Answer or solutions for this Problem?
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