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Slow playback in high resolution.
Im having problems with playing back mkv/h.264 in 720p resolution. Some movies loose audio/video sync after using fastforward, and some are out of sync all the time without me doing anything.
The strange thing is that if i set xbmc resolution to 480p they all play 100% fine all the time, but if i up xbmcs resolution to 1280x720 they start loosing sync again, any tips (besides upgrading the hw)?
I can add that i also see and sense a slight slowness in the xbmc gui when using resolutions higher than 480p, like the menu animations and stuff. My gfx card is an old GF5200, but it should still be enough right?
agathorn Wrote:Processor?

Sorry, it's a P3 HT 3.0Ghz.
Its the same here. I'm running xbmc at 1080p and get massive frame drops playing mkv files. I tried 1080p mov trailers from the apple site, they run fine.
Its not the resolution of the video itselfe, as I get the same framedrops with 480p mkv movies. It worked a few revisions back. Reinstalling ubuntu and installing the latest Nvidia drivers did not help.

Athlon X2 5000+
Nvidia 7050 (Onboard)
What SVN release are you running? If you're not running 2.1a1c1 please install it, verify that your problem still occurs, and post a full debug log. Just saying "it's slow" doesn't really help the devs out.
I'm compiling the latest svn right now, will post back when i've tested that.
If that doesn't fix it, please replicate your problem on and post the debug log from 2.1a1c1.
Still the same problems with the latest svn.
I start playing a movie in fullscreen or windowed 720p mode (1280x720). The audio/video is out of sync from the beginning, if i resize and make the xbmc window smaller the video speeds up until it is in sync with audio and then it plays fine until i try to make the window larger, then it looses sync again.
I'm gonna try to post the debug tonight, if not then i'll do it tomorrow.
if you really want help on this things like what sort of video card and the encode settings of the mkv files including bitrate and audio type will also help.
The 1080p trailers from quicktime arn't useally encoded with very high specs so many people on macs can run them fine.
Also make sure you actually have the latest .so files fromthe svn system\players\dvdplayer dir in your build dir
honestly, I think it's the mkv.. I have similar problems when playing mkv files... I've got 2 720p video files, one in a mp4 container and one in a mkv container.. both encoded x.264... the mkv gives me problems...
No, i've been playing around with this today, it´s not the .mkv. It seems that after using xbmc for a while, switching between movies and stuff, i get this problem on all kinds of video files. The audio is ahead of the video. Even on simple dvd/iso and divx files. Only sollution is to restart. Im gonna recompile xbmc with debug enabled and post a log/debug.
Ok, here is a log.
The last file played was out of sync with the audio ahead of the video. It's a simple .avi captured on a Canon A550 Digital camera, but as i said earlier, the problem occurs on all other types of video files as well.
The system is running at 1280x720, if i set xbmcs resolution to something lower, like 480p the problem disappears (But as you understand 480p is no fun on a 37" lcd).

I would really appreciate any help you can give! :-)
I have similar problems. All my 1080p movies won't play without major audio sync issues and framedrops. The problem only exists in xbmc . If I play the files in mplayer it works fine.
Is this 2.1a1? Please post debug logs for the devs if so.

Slow playback in high resolution.00