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Problem with scraping specific episodes

I have problems with scraping specific episodes from season 10 of Big Bang Theory. Ember Media Manager doesn't recognize episodes 1 to 14, 15 and 16 work properly.

I have deleted the cache and updated the database several times. That are the only episodes I have problems with, so no naming issue or something like that.

Does anyone had a similar problem or any idea what I could try out?

Thank in regards

PS: Sorry, for my bad english, not my first language.
The developer is on vacation, but if you can upload your log someone might be able to figure it out or I'm sure Dan will take a look when he gets back.
How do I get this log? Can I export it somewhere in the configuration? I am at work right and will upload it later.
C:\Ember Media Manager BETA\Log the CSV files in there
How should I post the logs? Just copy the newest log into a single post or is there a way to upload it to the forum?

I just uploaded on Here's the link:

Thanks in advance![/code]

I could not download your file. It wants me to pay. We only accept logs posted at a pastebin type site. The following is an extract on how to accomplish that...

6. Upload the results
The log file is named kodi.log and it is located in the Kodi directory described in Step 2 above. It is one level above the \userdata directory in which you modified the advancedsettings.xml file
You must locate this log file and copy it's contents to a pastebin type site as follows:
  1. Navigate to the \kodi directory as described in Step 2, and locate the file named kodi.log
  2. Open the file with Notepad and copy all the contents of the document
  3. Locate a Pastebin type site. Two examples are or
  4. Paste the contents of the kodi.log file
  5. Press Paste or Generate
  6. When the screen refreshes with your paste, copy the entire address in the address bar and paste it into a new message in your thread
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Sorry, for the bad upload.

Used the first pastebin website:
Much better. Thanks.

First time looking at an Ember log, so not really understanding it. I can't see where it is trying to scrape S10E01-14. I can see E15 & 16.

Everything looks normal at TVDB.

Hopefully others with more experience can advise.
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Thank you nontheless!
Is the developer out of vacation by now? =)
Yes. But you have to update to a newer version, yours is no longer supported. You can use the latest official release or the latest daily build (recommended).
Okay, I installed the newest version, I think v1.4.90x64

But it still doesn't recognize the episodes mentioned at the beginning. I copied the log again, maybe there are new messages with the newer version?
Maybe the files are "lost/orphaned in the database" and not linked to any tv show. Try to rename the tv show folder (e.g. "_Big Bang Theory") and use Tools => Clean Database. While cleanup all path will be proved if the files are still existing. Then rename the folder back and run another DB update.
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