Deprecated uEPG - Universal EPG Framework
(2018-09-17, 15:33)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2018-09-17, 15:07)Rags32 Wrote: @Lunatixz

Quick reply! Nice!

I wasn't sure that this hasn't been reported. So I skipped out the logs and the data.

Malformed data? I really can't see how that would be the case when all channels that hasn't as much programs show the EPG much better. Can I pm/email you the JSON then? 

So there is a limit to 3 days of EPG data? I might have gone overboard a little bit by 1-2 h since xmltv usually include programs that air during the night the next day.

uEPG is used in a number of projects... and Neither bug1 or bug3 has ever been observed. I could be persuaded to believe it's on my end if a log were submitted.

It's not that I don't believe my code to be fallible, rather the code has been well tested and has a very HIGH probability of error due to its reliance on external data.

(2018-09-17, 15:07)Rags32 Wrote: @Lunatixz
How can Bug 3 be due to malformed data? If you scroll down and up again the context menu shows up?

Every time you "scroll" you are calling methods and complex arrays that are built around the data you provided... any number of things can cause an issue.

If you provide me with proof of a bug i'll correct it, show me your work and i'll help evaluate it... 
Screenshots with examples of the problems -> Correct info for the title but EPG info down below completely wrong -> Same thing -> Has switched place with the one above -> Similar things -> Try to show the context menu which doesnt show up on the first item -> But if I scroll up and then down I can suddenly open the context menu on the same channel

So the bug when the EPG switches places with other programs on the same channel is kinda random. 

The offset bug you can try by changing limit = False. Should work (I think). Not the best python coder, not gonna lie.

Debug only with Kodi (Forgot uEPG)

Debug with uEPG as well (Was 2 much data for pastebin!)

How do I fix the JSON so it's not malformed then?

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