Deprecated uEPG - Universal EPG Framework
(2020-03-11, 21:16)Lunatixz Wrote:
(2020-03-11, 20:06)Tony5856 Wrote:
(2020-03-10, 22:32)Lunatixz Wrote: With the limited info provided, I'm not sure what the issue is; however, it's not a uEPG issue.... rather how it's being implemented.  You can post a GitHub link to your project, when I'm free I can take a look.

Hmm, I’ve used the same format as the example you’ve given for the guide data and posted the call I’ve made to the uepg module. I’ve also looked at your Pluto tv addon and copied a snipet of guide data generated by the addon, knowing it works, and tried that also with no luck. I guess I can put my test addon on github and post a link. Thank you for the reply.    
I think I spotted your issue... you're converting your "dict" into a "list"? missed that before; in the examples you are reviewing ( I'm serializing a generator object. If your sudo code is the actual item then its a dict and should not be converted into a list.


Unfortunately i am getting the same error after making that change. I will post a git hub link when i put the addon on there.

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