Solved -  Kodi don't start fullscreen with Framebuffer
Hi guys,
I'm compiling Kodi from source, with Framebuffer (no x11).
compilation goes well, but when I start kodi-standalone, Kodi is not full screen.
My screen is FullHD (1920x1080), but kodi start 1280x720, and sit top-left of the screen.
If I change in kodi the resolution to 1920x1080, it's still start top-left and not fullscreen.
Is anyone know how I can tell kodi to start 1920x1080 ?
|              |    |
|    Kodi    720    |
|              |   1080
|_____1280_____|    |
|                   |

in my boot.ini, I disable hot screen detection (so it kinda for my default res, which is 1080p)
Did you get any solution to this? It may assist me with my issue.
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Kodi don't start fullscreen with Framebuffer00