3d movie and subtitles
How do I make the subtitles to show correct when watching 3d movies.
This is the (non)amount of technical information you expect us to fix your 3D title problem with?
We're going to need a bit more than that. There is no crystal ball here, unfortunately.
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Is there more to explain?
If I watch 3d movie the subtitles are not in 3d the are offset or how should I explain. It is impossible to read. I want the movie to be 3d and the subtitles "not" in 3d?
I don't know how to explain better.
Version of Kodi an distribution used would be useful information.
An accurate description of how the subtitles are wrong would be useful
(e.g. provide a photo of the screen showing the problem).
The type of subtitle is also relevant (e.g. textual or bitmapped - output from mediainfo would show that).

There is a possible fix for 3D subtitles in the Milhouse nightly builds but it's hard to be sure if it will affect your issue based on the limited information provided.
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