v17 -  Video playback cannot skip back when utilzing .EDL files
Greetings. Is it possible to get Kodi to skip back when utlizing .EDL files produced by COMSKIP?

I am just using the output_edl=1 option in my comskip.ini file.

When I am viewing a video with an associated .EDL file, Kodi successfully skips the commercials, but I am not able to skip back. When I attempt to initiate a skip back, the video actually sjips forward.

When I remove the .EDL file, all video playback operations return to normal.

I am running Kodi 17.3 on LibreELEC 8.0.2.


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Link to kodi.log added to original post.

Viewing of video file with associated .EDL file begins at line 274.

Along with not being able to skip back, video also freezes for 10-15 seconds when a commercial is reached. After 10-15 seconds of frozen/paused video, normal playback resumes.
I set the video components logging to verbose and performed some additional testing today.

kodi.log posted here:


Here is the EDL file that is being utilized


I have found that attempting to skip back 10 seconds actually skips forward 5 seconds. Skipping forward 10 seconds actually skips forward 60 seconds.
Here is also an example of the video playback freezing when trying to skip commercials.

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