Near 100% CPU in fullscreen

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CCC (Catelyst Control Centre) should be available in one of your menu items. If not, open a terminal window and enter amdcccle. This will start CCC. Clicking on Information -> Software will tell you which version of drivers and CCC you are using.

In my case: ATI 8.54.3 drivers, CCC 1.0

I wonder if the only way for me to get gid of the 100% CPU issue is to buy a nVidia video card.
XBMC 8.10 SVN 16188, Ubuntu 8.10
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I spoke to soon. To qualify, I was "only" seeing 50-60% CPU, which was an improvement.

I was using open source video drivers.

Then I ran into pulseaudio causing crashes (so I removed pulseaudio).

Then I realised xbmc crashed after a few minutes use. I decided to try ATI drivers in case drivers were behind these crashes. The Ubuntu way didn't work (segmentation fault). The manual way didn't work (segmentation fault).

I believe the problems I am having relate much more to ATI/xorg/Ubuntu than to xbmc so I give up - at least for now, at least with this laptop, at least with Linux. I'll continue as a delighted user on the xbox platform and look forward to trying my luck with a mac mini over the next few months.

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soder Wrote:But xorg only takes that much when xbmc is running..


I now downloaded the right version of XBMC, the version for 8.10.
deb intrepid main


And I updated my ATI drivers to 8.552.

Now I dont have soo high cpu at idle. Ive also notices that the cpu is the highest when idle with no dim.

When the screensaver goes in, and dim, the cpu in idle goes down.

And whet set to "black" I get as little as about 15%
And when pausing a movie, and dimed, I get about 40 %.

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