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(2017-10-06, 21:24)Karellen Wrote: When viewing a Reputation Report, previously the Post ID was attached to the reputation point, which made it easier to see why you were thanked.

Now it just takes you to the first post of the thread, making it very difficult to figure out which post you were thanked for, especially in the larger threads.

I see a link "[username]'s post" that links to the exact post.

The user information like post count and reputation on each user's post has the same blue-green color as the background and can't be seen, but takes up quite a bit of space (1). Can it be moved up into the darker box? The nearly-full-width blue-green box will still take up a lot of space and be distracting for no good reason; can both the bar above the post (2) that includes the post date and permalink be moved up there, as well as the bar below the post (3) that contains user and post actions?

Also, for the links/button in the header (4), the cursor will turn to a "this is clickable" pointer in the empty space below the text, but the the action will only happen when the text itself is clicked on. I suggest they act like buttons and trigger the action when that empty space is clicked, but it should at least be consistent.

When searching, lists of threads are dominated by the inverted colors of the page/view/reply counts. The actual forum lists look better, so use the same layout and style if you can, just replace the rating column with the forum. Otherwise use the dark blue-green for the thread titles and the lighter blue for the counts text, not inverted, and add a space between the reply and view count and their icon for each thread.

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