Path for artwork is using an internet address, although files are locally available
Why do the nfo-files created by TMM contain entries with internet addresses even if the pictures directed to are available on local discs ? 
For example the thumb and fanart I selected within TMM are saved like: 
But I already saved the corresponding jpg's to the movie-folder, named as thumb.jpg and fanart.jpg

The same applies to the pict
ures of the actors: 
<name>Leonardo DiCaprio</name>
<role>Frank Abagnale Jr.</role>
An internet address is given although the picture is saved in the subdirectory .actors. 

Is it possible to change this behaviour ? It seems quite uneconomical if Kodi has to access external servers even if the requested data is already locally available ? 

In which order does Kodi evaluate the information when processing the nfo-file ? Does it in first place verify if the file is locally available although an internet address is given in the nfo-file or does it just look up at the internet address ? 
Kodi will ALWAYS use local artwork first if it is available, regardless of what is written in the nfo. Consider the nfo entry as a fallback option.
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Path for artwork is using an internet address, although files are locally available00