Firestick crashes when generating picture thumbnails
I have Kodi 17.4 installed on a new Firestick. It works well except for one issue: while generating thumbnails of very large pictures (about 6 to 8 Mbytes/jpg picture) Kodi works for a while and then crashes, having run out of memory. I can observe this by starting and watching System Status Monitor. The available memory starts to get used up, as it approaches 0, the status monitor closes and then Kodi crashes. If I disable thumbnail creation, the problem does not occur. Is there a way that thumbnail creation can be throttled or some other way (other than turning thumbnails off completely) to fix this problem?
Could you post a debug log. It may help the developers diagnose the issue. It's not something I have heard happening before...

The instructions are in my signature. Use the Basic method. Once you have enabled debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging, restart Kodi then replicate the problem. In your case, view your images to cause the crash. Once done upload to pastebin and link back here. Note: Full logs only. No partial or redacted logs
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I was able recreate the crash. Note that the crash happens not when viewing the full pictures, but when scrolling through the thumbnails of pictures in a folder as the thumbnails are being created. If I keep going back to the folder where Kodi crashes, it keeps creating more thumbnails and eventually after they are all created I no longer get the crash.

The log can be found here:
I posted the log as requested a few weeks ago. Has anyone had time to take a look, please?
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