Listitem.PlotOutline seems to be populated with just title
Hopefully this is a straightforward request.

I've moved over to using the GRID skin and when I look at PVR info, PVR EPG or PVR Channels the plot appears as just the title of the program.

After some investigation here it looks like Listitem.PlotOutline is only being populated with the title of the program and if I manually edit the xml files with Listitem.Plot then everything appears as it should.

How is the addon populating the PlotOutline, is it something on the Mediaportal Server end? Is it possible to amend what the addon writes to Listitem.PlotOutline so that it matches ListItem.Plot?
plotoutline is the sub-title (episode name) from your xml

PHP Code:
   <title>Cake Wars</title>
   <desc>Four amazing cake artists battle to have their cake at the centre of a party celebrating classic book series Madeline.</desc

So just to clarify I'm using the EPG information from DVB, should I be using WebXml and mapping the subtitle to the plot?
I used DVB EPG for a couple channels that schedulesdirect don't have and it's not the best 
It looks like it just uses the the title as sub-title, maybe use the xmltv plugin for mediaportal with webgrabplus or if you want to pay for a service you can use schedulesdirect

EDIT: actually had a look at the skin you are using, it just needs to use the plot instead of the sub-title and your DVB EPG should do fine. I use Horizon and it shows the correct info

Thanks @komplex, I've moved from Horizon to Grid and that's when it came up. At the moment I'm amending the XML files directly to use ListItem.Plot rather than the skin variable but I'd like to stop doing that ideally. I will check out the schedulesdirect thanks for the heads up.

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Listitem.PlotOutline seems to be populated with just title0
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