playback of recording quits when near live tv
I keep having playback of recordings or live tv sometimes quits back to the recording list when at or near live tv.  This is very frustrating since resume doesn't appear to work either.  So I'm watching a recording of an NFL football game and at least 5 times when I right click to jump forward 10 seconds it just freezes for 5-8 seconds and then dumps back to the recording list.  When I click the recording it just starts at at the beginning again and i have to zoom ahead t where I was.

Am I doing something wrong?  This is very bad for the WAF  Sad
It just quit and dropped back to the recording list while I was watching. Didn't try to fast forward. jut was playing, froze, dropped back to recording list.
This using the Windows store app btw. I'll see if it does anything like this on my shield later.
That is the expected behavior. Recordings are treated the same as movies, not live TV. Therefore, when you try to seek beyond the end of the file, playback stops instead of waiting for the file to receive more data.

While this is not technically a bug, it is annoying. Supposedly in 18 there is a new ability for PVR clients to mark a recording as being live, meaning that playback at the end of the file should mimic live TV behavior (only allowing seeking to "now" and if you seek beyond that, you are taken to "now" rather ending playback). However, that new feature needs to be manually added by the addon developer, as Kodi doesn't really know the difference between a completed recording and a recording-in-progress.
actually I think I was wrong in my description. I'm going to open a new thread as watching both a football game and Madam Secretary last night the video playback would freeze and jump back to recording list even though I was nowhere near live tv.

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playback of recording quits when near live tv0
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