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at first i have to thank you for the wonderful tool. Its extremly fast and precise at scraping.

I have a simple question:
Can tmm sort my episodes of tvshows in folder for each season ?


+ (tvShowName)
   + season1
   |                + episode1
   |                + episode2
   |                + ...
   + season2

And if so, how can i do it....?

Thanks a lot for your help
sure it can. follow these steps:

- scrape the episodes to get all meta data
- check the renamer settings for TV shows to ensure they will renamed as you like (the defaults are good imho). In the settings there is also a small preview!
- right click on the tv show node and choose: rename/cleanup tv shows/episodes
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Also make sure set to dvd order or aired date order depending on your source. Things can get out of order and renamed wrong if your source is dvd and set to aired order or vice versa. Just make sure to give a peek at the file names and see they match up to what information was scraped for safe measure. Good luck
Thanks a lot.... it works!
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