Bulk Rename not renaming Folders
Hello everyone,

I've been using Ember for quite some time to get my Movies organized. Since i'm planing to switch Kodi to local scraper only, i'd like to sort all movies in their correct folders.

All Scraping is done. All Movies have their propper info in Ember. The Bulk Renamer refuses to rename Folders though. It's working perfectly on Filenames.
- Movie List is compiled and complete
- Folder Pattern is $T {($Y)}
- File Pattern is $T
- Files are on a NAS, Ember on a PC, Share is managed as a Network Drive (Z: ) on the PC

If you have any tips on why this isn't working i'd highly appreciate it!
Folder renaming is only available for sources that ha been set to "separate folder for each movie".
German Ember Media Manager Support

Daily Builds - Link
Latest official Ember-MM version - Ember Media Manager 1.4.x
Thanks, i just readded the source with per Folder option on. Was able to perfectly sort all movies now.
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