How To Replace Poster Art In Tiny Media Manager
I know it should be simple but I cannot figure out how to delete or replace poster art for a selected movie. When I select a new poster Tiny Media Manager reverts to the previous poster.
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Sometimes you may have a issue with scraping Fanartv where it will not download the poster, fanart, etc and revert to the old one or you get stuck with a .part file that never completed. This is not a problem or bug with tinyMediaManager but something to do with Fanartv servers or something. I usually highlight the movie i'm working with in tinyMediaManager and then look to your right and you will see a tab labeled media files. Click on it and then you'll see a link to the path of the movie. Click on it and it will take you to the folder where the movie is stored. Delete the poster or any .part files that may have failed to complete. Sometimes have to close tinyMediaManager to delete some .part files. Then try reloading tinyMediaManager and hit the button to reload data sources at the top and try to get your poster again.

If that doesn't work you can go to Fanartv and download the poster from the site and manually add in to tinyMediaManger by right clicking the movie and go to edit then click the poster area and click on choose file. Then point it to the folder where you downloaded the poster from Fanartv and add it into tinyMediaManager.

Hope this helps. I'm not the best at explaining things.
User 390731,

Thanks very much for the detailed explanation which worked perfectly. I will use this method for any future problems.

You explained it very well. Thanks again.

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