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local path reference, no internet link in NFO & metadata merge to NFO?
Hello There!

I've two question to ask!

The first:

I've a problem with the public url in to the NFO files; I've enabled the option to "don't save the url in to NFO files", but the urls still saved...

Emm alpha 23.3 on win10x64

My goal is to create a off-line library and export all scraped data to Kody; Kody is on a mediabox that I want to take offline. I think that the Kody's skins and the addons can scrapes local folders and founds all the media contents for each movie-folder without connect to internet sources, right?

How can I make a path reference to local contents in to NFO files? Now I've all scraped contents on local folders, but without a reference in to movie.NFO files! I hope there is an automatism to make this match...

The second question:

I've not enought disk space on the emm pc to store all movies on local, all the movies are on the remote Kody box, with robocopy I've made a copy with "/create" option, now I've a local structure of all movie folders with a 0 byte movie files.
In this mode I can scrape movie with emm, but, obviously, I can't get metadata from files... there is a trick to merge the output of "MediaInfo" in to the nfo files?

Yes, I can scrape movies via smb, but I prefer to scrape locally and after, copy all media contents to the remote movie folders.

Many thanks for your help!



Ok, I've disable and re-enabled the "don't save the url in to NFO files" option and now, for the new scans, the images urls are not saved in the NFO files! The urls still remains for actors and trailers... For the trailers, if I re-scan the movie I can manually point to locally one that I've dowloaded in the first scan, but for the actors I can't found a solutions...
I think the option "don't save the url in to NFO files" has no function atm. That was to disable the poster and fanart list inside the NFOs after scraping. But I've never seen that this will be writen (also I can't find a reference inside the source code that really will any list to the object).

Actors URLs in NFO can's be disable, Ember needs that to download the actor thumbs to save it locally. Without this URLs you will not be able to redownload it after remove and re-add a movie to the database. But this is not a problem for Kodi. Kodi always prefers local saved thumbs if they are available. Also you can use the Kodi scraper "local info only" for files you've scraped with Ember, that scraper will NECER download any information or image.

For the trailer you can simply disable the trailer for NFO under Settings => Movies => Scraper-Data => Global fields => Trailer. NFO trailer and locally safed/downloaded trailers are two different things. You can still download trailer if this option has been disabled. You can find all options and scrapers for local saved trailers under Settings => Movies => Scraper-Trailers.

I've no solution for your "offline" media to get the metadata.

local path reference, no internet link in NFO & metadata merge to NFO?00