Music Video Scraper - Need Help
Let me start by stating I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with regexp's. I read some online guides and used an app called regexpbuddy, but I'm not getting the results I want.

All I want to get in the database is artist and title. Now, the nfo scraper will pick it up the filename is in the format Artist - title.ext . But I have my music videos in a folder named after artist, and the filename just the song title, i.e.


There's 2 reasons for this, both due to the length of the filename.
1. My music videos are stored on the xbox hard drive.
2. I want to see the song title on the screen, not scrolling.
(plus I have 1000+ clips)

Take the example
Queens Of The Stone Age - Everybody Knows That You're Insane
Now that's a long title, both to display on the screen and get around the fatx char limit.

(I'm only mentioning all this because I think it might be a useful feature/change for other users in the same boat).

So, I tried to adjust the regexp in the musicvideos.xml scraper. As all of my music videos are in artist\title , and I only care about these 2 fields, I thought the following would work, but no go:

<RegExp input="$$1" output="<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><musicvideo><artist>\1</artist><title>\2</title><year>\3</year></musicvideo>" dest="3">

I assumed this would give me any sequence of characters followed by a \ then any other sequence of characters, but it doesn't pick up anything.

So, does anyone know:
1. If what I want to do will work?
2. The syntax of the regexp?
currently mvids are only fed the filename
Any chance this could be changed to allow for folder/filename spiff? I find it hard to believe I am the only one who has their music videos separated by artist and named the way I do, but I have not seen anyone else comment about this so maybe so.

Anyway, it'd be great if this could be implemented, but I understand it'll only get done if a dev thinks it's a good idea
rev 12492 holds your answer
Thanks spiff! Can't wait to try it out
Just realized.. although there probably is a better way to report than here.
There is no view that shows artist - title.
(Except a quite recent change to recently added)
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