Ember Media with MYSQL - Kodi Sync no longer works
So I set up MYSQL to sync my two Kodi installs. I got it all working both computers showing my Database.

The problem I have now is that when I do Kodi Sync nothing is happening in either Kodi.
Usually it updates automatically and I can see the connection within Kodi (it shows updating status on top) but that is not happening anymore.

Do I have to change the IP address in the settings to my MYSQL instead of the Kodi (doesn't sound right actually now that I think about it) - or is something else the problem? I'm stumped here.

(For reference when I test connection to Kodi in Kodi Interface options, it connects)


Well I left the house for an hour, came back, and now it works.....weird. But it only sync'd my main install not the secondary one.
The KI syncs only with Kodi, not directly with an MySQL database. Depending on your setting, Kodi write the data in the local or MySQL database. With MySQL you've to sync only with one client.
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I'm confused..how can I make both Kodi's sync then? In another thread I think you were the one who told me to use Mysql if I was going to have more than one install..so how can I make them both sync when I run Kodi Sync? Both my Kodi installs are accessing the same MYSQL database.

My understanding is that if one Kodi was synced, the other Kodi using the same MySQL database would sync also. (Oh..maybe I Just need to add in a second KI source directly to that Kodi's IP..I will try that)

Edit:// Well adding the second source worked, at least in that I can see it forcing a sync on that device..however the image still did not update...grrr - maybe I need to work on this during the week..it seems Fanart.tv is REALLY slow right now or something...taking like 1-2 mins just to list the artwork for one item (poster)

Well Grr images aren't sycning on the main device either..it says Sync OK but it doesn't sync..that's what it did earlier and I left for an hour and came back and it had sync'd..seems to be some delay.. worked fine before I switched to MYSQL instead of local database.

26:12.3    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_33_UpdateInfo_Movie.MoveNext    17    TRACE    [APIKodi] [Kodi] UpdateInfo_Movie: "Avatar" | Updated on host    
26:12.4    EmberAPI.ModulesManager    EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric    1    TRACE    [ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <Notification>    
26:12.4    EmberAPI.ModulesManager    EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric    1    TRACE    [ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] Run generic module <Notifications>    
26:12.6    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_33_UpdateInfo_Movie.MoveNext    13    TRACE    [APIKodi] [Kodi Living Room] UpdateInfo_Movie: "Avatar" | Start syncing process...    
26:12.6    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_27_SearchMovie.MoveNext    17    TRACE    [APIKodi] [Kodi Living Room] [SearchMovie] "\\FILESERVER\Drive2\Movies\Avatar (2009)\Avatar (2009).mp4" | OK, found in host database! [ID:10]    
26:13.0    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi    generic.Interface.Kodi.Kodi.APIKodi+VB$StateMachine_33_UpdateInfo_Movie.MoveNext    27    TRACE    [APIKodi] [Kodi Living Room] UpdateInfo_Movie: "Avatar" | Updated on host    
26:13.0    EmberAPI.ModulesManager    EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric    1    TRACE    [ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] [Start] <Notification>    
26:13.0    EmberAPI.ModulesManager    EmberAPI.ModulesManager.RunGeneric    1    TRACE    [ModulesManager] [RunGeneric] Run generic module <Notifications>

Seems to think it's working..

Seems I have to "Refresh" the item in Kodi for it to show...usually don't have to do that, any ideas?
If you use MySQL in Kodi it's only needed to sync with one of your Kodi clients. Kodi writes the data into the MySQL database and all clients will see that. But: the image cache will only be erased in that client that you've used as host in the KI settings. That means on this clinet the images will be erased while syncing and Kodi have to recache the new images, latest if you leave and re-enter the movie list. On all other clients you have to wait max. 12h for auto recaching. Kodi checks all 12h the hash of cached and locally saved images and recache it if needed. To use two hosts in the KI is stupid, to many calls only to clear the cache on all clients.
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Okay, so I should remove the second Kodi I added, and just know that my second client will update after 12 hours?

I can't figure out why my local Kodi is not updating immediately anymore though..although exiting the Movies/TV Shows screen and back in seems to work (sometimes) as you suggested.

I will remove the second client and see what happens.


Having issues testing right now as image downloading is PAINFULLY slow right now...I assume that's not Ember's fault but the artwork sites (I hope?)

Edit:// So I removed the second..the issue I am having is that the main one is not updating either..I update the art..move back to main menu back into movies and the 1 piece of art did not update..it used to update InSTANTLY even as I set in the list (before I started using MYSQL) - does it just take some time to propagate now or something since using MYSQL database?

Edit 2:// I think that Solved my problem Smile
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