EPG Time is one hour off after daylight savings time ends
Problem Solved:
I compared my 2 RPi systems and found that the problem child had an LE setting the good system didn't have: a timeserver setting. I've removed the timeserver setting and have rebooted the problem child 6 times and each time, the EPG time was correct.
RPi systems do not have a clock so when the internet is down, an RPi shows the time it was the LE software was compiled. My solution to this problem was to turn my back end NextPVR server, a Windows 10 desktop PC, into a time server for the RPi since it has a clock. The solution appeared to work well until Daylight Savings Time ended. I don't know if the problem would exist if I had specified an external time server. What I do know is that specifying the windows PC as a time server is problematic.
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 I know this isn't the right place, but it's the newest post I could find regarding this issue.  I'm using a mythtv backend and mythpvr addon.  I have the exact same issue on an odroid C2.  The mythbackend is correct and handled the switch to CST just fine.  Schedules Direct data is correct.  The time is correct on the odroid (set to America?Chcago), but the EPG is off by one hour.  Feel free to move this.
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EPG Time is one hour off after daylight savings time ends00