v17 Unable to add SMB source
Ok, so I've been using kodi 17.5 on an Android nexus player to watch movies/tv shows on my external hdd connected via a windows 7 machine. 
Now it doesn't work.

I recently disconnected the hdd to add some video files to an offline computer for my kids, but when I connected the hdd back to the original machine, kodi no longer recognizes it.
If I go to file manager > add source > windows network (smb): there is nothing there.

Both nexus player and windows machine are on the same network

Things I've tried:
Cleaning library

setting up file sharing through a home group and "share with" per: SMB/Windows (wiki)

set folders to be shared with everyone with full control.

restarting both windows machine and nexus player. 

reinstalling kodi 17.5

anyone have any ideas?

edit: Nexus player can detect the external HDD via es file explorer,but not kodi
Ok I figured it out.
Instead of browsing to the SMB folder, you have to manually enter in the location of the shared folder.

setting > media setting > library > videos > add videos

select <none> and change to smb://[location of shared folder]
for mine I used smb://MEDIA-PC/eHDD/Movies

the format would be smb://[computer name]/[external HDD name]/[shared folder name]

so for whatever reason navigating to the folder doesn't work, but manually adding it does. 

hope this helps!
Didn't work for me with my Windows 10 desktop. My Windows 7 laptop is no problem somehow.
SMBv1 may be deactivated in Win10. Kodi should be set to SMBv2/3.
For a noob like me, how do I do that?
(2017-11-14, 01:19)HeresJohnny Wrote: [...] Kodi should be set to SMBv2/3.
Kodi v17 on Android (OSX and iOS) can only connect via SMBv1. Only Kodi v18 can handle SMBv2/3 on Android (OSX and iOS).
Hey thanks letting people know what worked for you. I can confirm this process also worked for me. Just make sure spell everything exactly the same as it is on the home pc (ie. Pathway).
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