[WIP] Token Skin
(2018-09-07, 20:15)3500 Wrote: any news?

Sorry, right now my laptop is not at all working.

So until I get a new one, development of this skin and Rapier unfortunately has stalled.

But don't give up.
I will pick this this up again as soon as possible. Wink
(2017-12-21, 19:55)augustburntbread Wrote:
(2017-11-29, 00:34)Gade Wrote:
(2017-11-29, 00:12)augustburntbread Wrote: So far, I love the direction you're taking this.  The blue hue is very pleasing and soothing to my eyes, I love the icons, the font, and the overall simplistic layout.

Yeah, I find the blue nuances very pleasent too. And the white/faded white UI colors makes it simple and easy to work out where to focus.
(2017-11-29, 00:12)augustburntbread Wrote: I'm curious what the overlay will look like when a video is paused or seeking?

I'll provide more feedback and I eagerly await updates. I would definitely love to test this out when you have a beta version available. Thanks!

I'm curious as well how at all to work out the OSD and fullscreen infos. I haven't gotten to that part at all yet.
Screenshots and inspiration is more than welcome.    

Hello, Gade.  I apologize for my absence but I will continue to be present in providing feedback and ideas.  I was hoping you might have a little Christmas update for us?  I'm excited to check out anything new you have, and really looking forward to testing this out on my own streaming device.

As far as the on-screen display, I do like the first image that Cyku007 posted:


An overlay like that looks very sleek.  I also appreciate the look of these on screen displays as well:

http://i.imgur.com/woGYoWt.pnghttp://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2016/18/1462373035-netflix-pause-osd.jpg (This hyperlink is adding an "a" when I click on it so it isn't retrieving the image.  You might need to just paste the link in your browser if it is doing the same for you)

And this last one too, if it is cleaned up to look slightly more minimal:


Give the nature of the skin you are crafting, I think something minimalistic for a pause screen would look great.  I hope these images help as far as inspiration is concerned.

Looking forward to updates! 
Hi, where can i find this media control skin ? http://i.imgur.com/woGYoWt.png
(2018-09-11, 06:25)Gade Wrote: But don't give up.
I will pick this this up again as soon as possible. Wink
 Any news or updates on this project?
(2019-02-16, 01:08)skinner99 Wrote:
(2018-09-11, 06:25)Gade Wrote: But don't give up.
I will pick this this up again as soon as possible. Wink
 Any news or updates on this project? 
It's probably best to assume that this is a skin that is not gonna be showing up - happens a lot on the WIP skin forum.  Thought the skin was a good idea personally.  Hopefully Gade does have time to restart dev of the skin now that Kodi 18 releases are out (?)...but I am sure when/if he does he will post here so just "subscribe" to the thread and you will be notified.
Hi all.

Don't give up yet.

I'm very busy at the moment, but haven't abandoned this skin at all yet.
I really like the look, ideas and functionalities.

It needs so so much more work and is pretty complicated.
It's gonna happen at some point, but not at all anytime soon.
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