Video freezes momentarily while audio continues...
yep… freezing fixed now as I'm not using GPU at all...

cpu percentages have obviously risen but that's a small price to pay...
I have the same issue for my Mac Mini, running High Sierra. Since the Mac update my Kodi for the first time is not working. Video Freeze and few seconds of audio
What exactly did you do to fix the problem. I tried the VTBDecoder switch “off.” The problem still persists.
You have to switch off GPU acceleration. Only workaround until the Kodi devs investigate and patch as I can't see Apple lifting a finger… 8(
Same problem here with High Sierra and a MBA. Plus, when I play an ordinary 1080p (x264) video, the fans start to turn at a pretty high speed, it is really annoying. I think the problem started when I make the update to OS 10.13, so I don't know if it comes from Kodi or Apple.
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Video freezes momentarily while audio continues...00