Which XBMC skins features FanArt support?

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natethomas Offline
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Hey, all. Much like many others, I'm mostly a n00b here. I've been doing a lot of reading, had my xbox modded about 8 months ago, now, have enjoyed xmbc ever since, etc.

Anyway, I'm writing because I'm super excited about this new fan art option for TV series. I've done all the searches (and maybe only missed it because I'm looking in the wrong places), but is there anyway we could use this thread to list all the XBMC skins out there that are using the new fan art option as of today, or have plans to use the option in the near future?

Once again, great job everyone. Thank you for all your hard work.
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Nick8888 Offline
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read (DONT WRITE) in the skin development and you will find the skins which are currently adding support. I think PM3 has it now, vinci is adding it and has screens posted. and there are plans for Aeon and Aeon mod by rand al thor.
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agathorn Offline
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The new Fusion will have it as well. Basics-Vision as well. I think you will find most every skin will Tongue

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Rand Al Thor Offline
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Nick888 is correct. My aeon mod has it already implemented. I might release a version with fanart relatively soon because the other things i have been waiting on are taking longer than expected. Cheers.
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jzbruno Offline
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I am planning to add it to Mint after I finish the other updates.
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Competes2win Offline
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back-row has it as well... and that's the complete list... not much point to this thread.
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djtoll Offline
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7TFT now also Big Grin

[Image: screenshot116pg2.th.png]

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MikeBeecham Offline
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Fluid (working title) will have it also
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