Central database on the USB-Stick plugged into a NAS possible?

is it possible to set up a central Kodi database, which is located on the USB-Stick plugged into a NAS?

The NAS has the option to run a MySQL server und here and there I've read, that some people are using a central database, which is located on a NAS. Didn't see any mentions of the USB-Stick (or SD-Card) though, so I guess it's located on one of the HDDs, which I would like to avoid so that they don't "awake" all the time I take a look into the movie collection etc. without to actually play the movie. Also was thinking about such a setup because of the most likely better Kodi performance, when using a DB form flash memory.
I wouldn't use a USB stick as a reliable data storage device. Those things usually do not have TRIM support, so wear and tear will make the USB drive wear out sooner or later.
Plus, there is no guarantee that the NAS drives will not wake up anyway, because of some functionality that is required for MySQL database usage.
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I don't think will awake all the time.  It'll only wake when a database operation is taking place.
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