Youtube Sound issue
Cheers guys!

I have a weird sound issue with Youtube. I am using Isengard with OpenELEC and have my Box connected to the TV via HDMI Cable. The sound system is connected via 3,5 mm jack on the TV backside. If i play videos on youtube it sometimes happens that no sound is coming. Then i start the video again and the sound is there. Other Add-On's like the built-in Music- or Videoplayer have no problem. I can start a Radiostream or watch Videos from several Add-On's with no issue. Just Youtube is fu*** around the whole time Big Grin

The issue came as i changed my soundsystem. But i dont get why?! Cause i just changed from a Logitech 2.1 system to a Logitech 5.1 system (but with only 3 boxes plugged in). I guess it is a passtrough issue. If i deactivate and reactivate the passtrough mode in settings while playing a video with no sound, then suddenly the sound comes.

Maybe someone have similar issues... thanks in advance! greetings
Hello @Tron91

You are a couple major versions behind, and using a build that is not maintained anymore.

Why not upgrade to the latest version of LibreElec and see if that fixes your problem.
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Yeah sure that maybe would solve the problem. But in the worst case i need to set up a new system with all it's settings i've done in Isengard. A whole bunch of sources, sftp settings and so on.... :/
Ok, i did a new installation with LibreElec. Same Issue.
Plug your kodi computer into your amp, then the amp into the tv, all via HDMI.
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Dont have an amp... It is just an audio system with 3.5 audio jack!
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