HDMI Issue? or Audio Issue? Kodi doesn't play audio upon start
fritsch, I do see what you're saying, but when i look at logs after i do my "fake switch user" fix, then the following exists for the wasapi device enumeration for my SONY-AVAMP:
Quote:19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:     Device 4
19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:         m_deviceName      : {57AE7AF5-8A1B-4A9E-957D-97EF0AD973CA}
19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:         m_displayName     : HDMI - SONY AVAMP-24 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:         m_displayNameExtra: WASAPI: SONY AVAMP-24 (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)
19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:         m_deviceType      : AE_DEVTYPE_HDMI
19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:         m_channels        : FL,FR,FC,LFE,BL,BR,SL,SR
19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:         m_sampleRates     : 192000,96000,48000,44100
19:53:40.675 T:9268  NOTICE:         m_dataFormats     : AE_FMT_S24NE4MSB,AE_FMT_S16NE,AE_FMT_S16LE,AE_FMT_S16BE,AE_FMT_RAW
The above is a direct snippet from my original log from the 2nd enumeration of the audio devices.  Note: this was while kodi was still running, and i just did my "switch user fix" and got audio back.  However, most of the time now, i have to close kodi (ensure the process is not still running), then do the switch user fix and launch kodi again.  Then i get the same enumeration of audio devices in the logs.

I'm open to trying different drivers or whatever is needed.  I have my HDMI cable connected to a display port adapter on my Nvidia Quadro 2000 card.  So, correct me if i'm wrong, but I only should have to install the Nvidia drivers and then this should work correct?  Do i need to still bother with my motherboard audio drivers which i don't use?

Like i said earlier in this thread, this was all working great on Windows 10 1703.  However, since i was using 1703, i have gone through a full computer reset (windows method of a simple clean install) in order to fix some other chipset issues preventing me from being able to use all my PCIe slots.  So, I can't fully rule out that other things have not changed as well, but the biggest difference is that i upgraded to 1709.  So, i'm really close to re-installing my entire OS and everything back to 1703, but that is a lot of work, and I would prefer to get this working on the latest version if possible (as i'm sure you may be interested in ensuring the Kodi system is stable on 1709 as well) if this is something that can be fixed.

Also, given the above logs after no configuration changes in windows or kodi, and by simply initiating a switch user and just going back to the same user, this seems to be something else at play.  Like i said as well, before i do the switch user trick, i am able to get audio to work through windows alone but Kodi doesn't play any audio.  I understand that windows may be using some other "method" to play the audio through the speakers, but i don't even get simple stereo sound from the Kodi UI when this issue happens.

I have also tried playing with the timing of launching kodi as well.  Right now i have a delay after i send the power on command to the PC.  It waits 10 seconds, initiates the Video card driver reset, waits another 4 seconds, then launches the kodi.exe.  So, this results in me seeing my windows 10 desktop for 2-3 seconds after a cold start of the TV and receiver before kodi gets launched or i see the kodi window.  So, i've also tried waiting 30 seconds or more before launching kodi but that has not helped the issue in the past, so it doesn't seem to be a timing issue any more than i've already adjusted.

So, please let me know what you mean be audio drivers that need to be installed correctly if i'm using HDMI from my video card and if there is anything else i can try before re-installing 1703, please let me know.  Thanks.
Ok, i have an update so far since i have reverted back to 1703.  After reverting Windows 10 to 1703, my audio configuration in Windows now shows DTS-HD and stuff that was missing when i was on 1709.  So, this means the passthrough is working better in Kodi for more formats.  However, I'm still having issues with getting the audio to work every time i start Kodi.  I am also considering just going with an Android box (Nexbox A95X).  I bought one to try out the installation of LE Kodi and it is far above my expectations for usability and functionality.  So, I'm thinking of buying another to replace using my full server machine as my HTPC, and dedicate my Windows 10 to just serving the media.

So, I am willing to test out more stuff if needed to try to get this working in order to help others that may be suffering from the same issue, but i think the $40 (with SD card) for the android box is worth it to save the headache this has been giving me.

Please let me know if you want me to test out any further configurations or changes in order to get this working.  Thanks.

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HDMI Issue? or Audio Issue? Kodi doesn't play audio upon start0
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