Request -  NVDEC (NVDECODE API) support in Kodi to decode 4K/8K 10-bit/12-bit HDR on Linux?
(2018-04-26, 17:28)ashlar Wrote: In no way I was criticizing the decision to fully support Shield in cooperation with Nvidia. I want to make this crystal clear. I simply sympathize with Linux users because, while it's true that recent CPUs can decode internally, there surely are tons of installations where CPU is simply incapable of handling HEVC/HDR/4K.
 Yeah, I wish I had the abilities to take on something like this.  I'd totally donate my time.

It would seem with FFMPEG 4 already fully supporting it, and Kodi already using FFMPEG 4, all the heavy lifting would already be done, but it is very possible I just don't understand how this all fits together in Kodi's architecture.

I have three HTPC's running Kodi frontends.   All of them are on Haswell era Intel chips with DDR3 RAM.  In order to get HEVC support on them I'd have to replace the CPU's, motherboards and buy all new RAM....  OR I could pop in a low end discrete GPU...

It seems like such a waste to have to upgrade the entire system every single time a new codec comes into vogue.
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NVDEC (NVDECODE API) support in Kodi to decode 4K/8K 10-bit/12-bit HDR on Linux?51