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Hi Folks,

i am looking for some advice on making small mod to Estouchy but i don't know if it is possible or where to start or at a very basic level, even locate the relevant xml (i am guessing 'home.xml') to take a look! (i am currently using latest version for Krypton 17.6)

I am hoping to add search shortcut right to the home screen, next to or just beneath the 'power' 'settings' and 'file manager' icons at top left of home screen (i already have global search added as home shortcut i can scroll to but would love to have it right there without need to scroll)

also, i would like to change the default 'recent albums' to be 'random artists' on the home page music menu, and also add 'random albums' and 'recent albums' to be available if i scroll left or right on the home page music menu (in the same way i scroll to the 'global search' addon currently.)

All minor things really, but would be great if i can do it. I tried setting up other skins (mostly Nox Silvo) just how i like it (i use Nox Silvo with pretty much all custom menus and fanart on my other many devices!) but it just doesn't cut it on touch screen sadly, and nothing currently is anywhere near as usable as Estouchy on my win 10 tablet (i tried every skin in the Kodi repo but keep coming back to Estouchy for its excellent usability)

any advice would be much appreciated!!


so i checked on git and looked at the home.xml, i can see where i would put the extra lines for search, but not sure what commands to put in to activate search, or if there is an search icon i could link to already existing, and still cant work out where i would copy the home.xml too if i did manage to make the changes...


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