Release Nebula 6.x for Kodi 18.x Leia
Nebula 6.x - Leia

Here is the home page of the skin on GitHub:

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the script.skinshortcuts addon.
You can grab it here:

If you like this skin and you want to help a little bit, you can donate here:

I have updated the german language file based on the latest english one from github:
Ok. Uploaded to github.


Very nice so far. Thank you!
On latest Windows 64-bit Kodi. Nearly everytime skinshortcuts are written Kodi crashes. Is this a Kodi18 bug? Should i get you a log?
Have you tried with another skin?
I was playing around with Estuary Mod2 also. Seemed that had issues writing the menus but didnt crash. Let me grab you a log, ill get back to you.
Here is a log:
This is a fresh install of Kodi 18 64bit Windows 7.
-Installed latest Skinshortcuts in first post
-Installed Nebula
-Crashes after first load of Skinshortcuts, and any other time skinshortcuts write.
Errors seem begin at line 4660:
Yes kodi is complaining about invalid skin shortcuts templates. I’m going to have a look at it. Maybe something has changed in the latest skin shortcuts version.
I tried with the latest version of the skinshortcuts addon 1.0.18.
It's working fine here.
Have you tried to reset your settings?

"userdata" -> "addon_data": wipe the "skin.nebula" and "script.skinshortcuts" folders

Ok, ill keep on trying. Yes im on 1.0.18 and that log is after completely wiping the roaming/Kodi folder.
Hmm, is it possible a second display could have anything to do with it?
**EDIT, never mind. Still crashes
Since Leia, I'm having a poster "issue" while using Cover Wrap view. Some of posters doesn't fit anymore. Any idea?

Great port on Leia and thanks for your hard work.
By far my favorite Kodi skin for a long time!
(2018-01-28, 17:03)jdig4240 Wrote: Ok, ill keep on trying. Yes im on 1.0.18 and that log is after completely wiping the roaming/Kodi folder.

Is there a particular reason for Leia?
Still in development and full of bugs.
Why not Krypton?

Love the Krypton version of Nebula. . Just trying out Leia version because Xbox one only has Kodi 18.
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