Release -  Black Glass Nova 7.x for Kodi 18.x Leia
Hi, great sking you have built. Is there a way you can minimize and/or reposition the subtitles offset window so that it does not show up in the middle of the screen and it takes as less space as possible?
Need to update Kodi version in addon.xml for RC5 ++  <import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.14.0"/>
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(2019-01-12, 06:02)jdig4240 Wrote: Need to update Kodi version in addon.xml for RC5 ++  <import addon="xbmc.gui" version="5.14.0"/>
 I just found that on updating to latest RC5 Nightly, it disabled BGN, saying incompatible 

Thanks @jdig4240 for the quick fix!
I’m going to post an update for the final Leia version

Does this skin have lots of options for adding home screen modules so I can set playlists and add them to the home screen?  I have lots of playlists for TV and Movie categories and want them each on the home screen.  One other skin has this option but it has become slow and freezes in v18 and I can't stand it so am looking for a highly customizable skin.

Quartz has 77 available slots for adding to the home screen whatever suits your fancy. Wink
Hi, I'm no technical whizz and I'm still coming to terms as to how things KODI all fit together, so apologies if I am posting in the wrong place.  I have been using CoreElec to run KODI for some time and I was using the Black Glass Nova Skin, but when it recently auto updated to Kodi 18 it told me that Black Glass Nova was no longer supported.   On closer inspection it doesn't appear to be in the official Kodi repository any more.  It was working fine in the previous version (a release candidate).  What I want to know is whether it's going to be re-added to the repository, and if so when?
Ah!  Just realised what jdig4240 was trying to tell us in post 17 above.  I've managed to get it working by changing addons.xml ( in /storage/.kodi/addons/skin.blackglassnova) as he describes, rebooting and then enabling the addon.  Great.  And sorry for being such a dunce.
What if it is a new install?

Downloading from repository and installing from zip file does not work no matter what version we put in the xml...
Any detailed steps on how to install?
     just wondering when Black Glass Nova will be loaded into the Kodi repoistory


Me too...
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