Sound Issues on Analogue Out with audio_pwm_mode=2 - latest firmware from Raspberry
Just came by to report that the audio engine in the firmware is still broken, crackling and pops, with the actual Raspbian release, when using audio_pwm_mode=2
Latest Raspbian:
Version: October 2018
Release date: 2018-10-09
Kernel version: 4.14
  * Linux kernel 4.14.71
  * Raspberry Pi firmware 5b49caa17e91d0e64024380119ad739bb201c674

- the bcmstat script is again reporting a different firmware:
Firmware: Sep 21 2018 15:43:17, version 07f57128b8491ffdefcdfd13f7b4961b3006d9a9 (clean) (release)

- the sound is ok with audio_pwm_mode=1, but the constant hiss (static noise) makes it useless

Keeping this sound algorithm broken for several releases in a row, without reverting it to the previously functional state, is something that exceeds my rational understanding.
I believe it's time to keep this useful patch:
and revert the code to the state from the "good old" kernel 4.4.50 and the firmware 3ca4cf4a663c5351eaec08b29d50d6e8324981b4, with which I got stuck since more than a year now.
Propose jdb to move back to the drawing board with his attempts to improve the sound:
@abga That looks like a Raspberry only issue, and not directly related to Kodi.
I think you should open an issue also in raspberry github page, there more people will see it and have more chances to be fixed.
@rascas Please read the second paragraph from my first post.
uh, I'm having the same issue - just bought an projector and wired it to my Raspberry pi B3+ running latest OSM. All ok with 720, but not so with 1080. Not problems if found goes directly through HDMI:/ So I guess will have to invest some more money and wire audio from projector to my receiver.
Good News!
jdb - Raspberry Pi Engineer & Forum Moderator apparently woke up.
At long last (2 years), we might be able to enjoy Kodi and get some "unbroken" audio analogue sound from the Raspberry boards with the next firmware release (wishful thinking...):

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Sound Issues on Analogue Out with audio_pwm_mode=2 - latest firmware from Raspberry0
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