Will there be a Version for Kodi 18?
Since your Skin came up, no other one was able to fit my needs better than yours. So i need to aks, will you continue your work and go for a Skin on V18 Leia?
Hi, I've just joined this forum to say that I'm also interested in using Phenomenal for Kodi 18+
Ditto, yes please, Phenomenal is the best skin ever.  I am jonesin to try the Leia beta version, but I will wait until Phenomenal is compatible....it's that good!
i'm using this skin for 17, but i read on here that the developer is no longer going to be doing anymore work on the skin, 17 is the final release, think he said he has real life pursuits to maintain?
Any idea where he said that? I've been trying to find it. On his github he said "Maybe" in July. Maybe is better than NO Smile But if you have source, I will start to review other skins. Phenomenal is amazing, super customizable, easy to edit (I mod it slightly)... Just overall great. But if it's dead (& I want to upgrade for game support) then I will move on I suppose.... wife isn't going to be too happy though.
Think I found it. 330077 (thread)

Still a "maybe"
i hope he continues, i have had many skins, but his is the best, very slick, i'm wanting to use the netflix addon but its not supported on 17 far as i know.....
Kodi 18 automatically installed overnight and I found no Phenomenal skin.  I spent a long time finding a skin I liked. Searched and found this thread.  I hope there is one for Kodi 18 as havent found anything else suitable
It's the best skin I'm still using in Kodi 17 I hope Phenomenal would back. (I am Staying on Kodi 17 in my mother's PC)
If he adapts it to 18, I hope he also adds short cuts to specific letters. I’ve seen this in another skin and it’s a fast way to find a movie.

I was shocked when I found a volume bar in the Phenomenal’s OSD. I’ve been wanting this for a long time in confluence.
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Will there be a Version for Kodi 18?00