Q. How do I install Kodi for Universal Windows Platform

A. See HOW-TO:Install_Kodi_for_Universal_Windows_Platform (wiki)

Q. How do I get the debug log file?

A. Follow these instructions Log_file/Easy (wiki)

Q. Userdata location for UWP app on Xbox

A. The userdata folder for the Xbox version of the UWP app can only be access via Kodi, therefore if you wish to copy/move/delete anything from the Userdata folder you must do this via the Kodi File Mananger. To do this add the Home folder as a source in the File Manager, this gives you access to the Kodi LocalState folder (similar folder to appdata on desktop versions) in which the userdata folder is contained. This also provides another way to access the Kodi log files.


Q. Userdata location for UWP app on Windows 10 PC

A. The path will be something like C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Local\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalState alternatively the same File Manager can be used as described above for the Xbox version of the UWP app.

Q. How do I add network locations?

A. Use NFS or FTP

Q. Why isn't Kodi for UWP/Xbox being released for Kodi 17.6/ Why is Kodi for UWP/Xbox only for Kodi 18 on?

A. As discussed in the Kodi for Xbox and Win64 blog posts, massive changes had to be done to Kodi and Kodi's dependencies to make UWP possible at all. These changes have so massively altered the core code that backporting them to Kodi 17 would have been impossible or as time consuming as making the changes in the first place. Plus, many of these changes are still buggy, so even if we could have backported, it wouldn't have resulted in a stable Kodi 17 with UWP; instead, it would have resulted in a super buggy, beta version of Kodi 17 with UWP.  Porting the Kodi for Windows that was in the Windows Store to Kodi for UWP took thousands of hours along with several developers and a direct line to Microsoft for help. To summarize, a stable version of Kodi 17.6 for UWP just isn't possible.

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