OS X Leia Movie Scraping Issue
Hi, im not sure if this is osx specific or not as I dont have any other machines I can test this on right now, with the latest nightlies quite a lot of my movies dont get scraped with the correct Movie title and artwork...after a bit of digging it seems that any movie with the title embedded in the movie file's metadata doesn't seem to get set correctly.

To cut a long story short, when I ripped loads of my old dvds/blurays years ago I didn't really have a clue what I was doing and loads of them ended up with a generic title of ''movierip" embedded in the files.
The actual movie files are named correctly...eg: Title (Year).mp4  but this seems to be ignored and the title in the metadata is used instead.
I can manually refresh the information for each movie and it correctly identifies and edits the library, but I have over a hundred of them with this problem so it would be very time consuming, and I guess this isn't the desired behaviour?

It would seem the issue is introduced in the nightly: kodi-20171220-1ff3fa2c-master-x86_64.dmg
The issue isn't present in the nightly: kodi-20171219-b219bd0a-master-x86_64.dmg

Is there a setting or some other option that has been introduced that im not aware of?

Debug log:

Many thanks and a Happy New Year.
Well it's a feature that was introduced lately - scraper uses the tags embedded into MP4 files now if they are present
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So to fix your issue you'll have to check and cleanup the included tags. That's how it works for music tags as well.
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(2018-01-02, 08:57)Memphiz Wrote: Well it's a feature that was introduced lately - scraper uses the tags embedded into MP4 files now if they are present
 Ah ok, so I take it thats just a change to the scraper add-on then, not with kodi itself?
Is it possible to disable this feature, or maybe install an older version?

​​​Is it just mp4s or all movie files?

Edit: Just seen @Martijn post, I'll just whack together a script to strip the metadata from all my movies.
Cheers for the update chaps.
this was a change to the video info scanner, which means that tags will be read and used before hitting the scraping process, just like a nfo file. so nope, it was a core change.

tags are read for mp4 and mkv files, all outlined here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=192982&page=4
Hello @spiff,

I would like to put this in the wiki pages which I am currently working on. How does this work now?

When you Update Library or Refresh movie, is this the process...
1. Read video file tags, then
2. Search for nfo to supplement data from tags, or
3. Online scrape if no nfo available.

Can the nfo and/or scraper overwrite the metadata retrieved from the tags or do tags always have priority?

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tags and nfo are exclusive. nfo has priority over tags.

1) check for nfo
if not found
2) check for tags

if full info found, either from nfo file or from tag, we're done
else hit scraping process, possibly using using provided url/override-info/etc

you can follow the provided links for detailed description of what is supported from tags and such.

Note once https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/13291 lands everything will be back as it used to be by default

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