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i recently added support for video tags. this allows for doing much of what is done with nfo files, except
you use tags and attachments.

the state of video tags is not good. for mp4, the usual itunes standard is extremely limited it what it can support,
for mkv it is even worse
this can be remedied but it would mean specification work has to take place.

anything the devs here are interested in ? as a starting point mkv support for kodi metadata and embedded art
would be a great improvement for usability (i can grok mkvpropedit just fine but not all are as groky).
I think you should post that in a Kodi related subforum, not in Ember?
no, it's posted exactly where i intended to post it. i'm asking whether you want to support writing tags/attachments from ember, just like ember can generate nfo files.
Ah ok, I've missunderstood that Smile

Metadata edit for MKVs will be a new feature of Ember 2.0. My plan was to add an editor to changes the file headers to fix or set language info for audio streams ect.
Maybe I can also add your ideas, but I've first to read and learn how metadata can be edited. My idea is to use mkvtoolnix with command line or search a .NET library on Nuget.

Please add a feature request with a link to your posts and discussions on our Bug and Feature Request tracker.
done. i addes some small tips for mkvtoolnix usage;
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