Solved -  Omit very small poster images from the image browser
If I elect to select my own images during movie scraping, there are some very small images returned commonly the 1st/2nd in the list. They are under 200x200px. It would be good to have an option to omit these, or even perhaps to omit images that are under the image sizes stipulated in TMM preferences.

Also an option to omit animated images would be useful too Smile
please provide an example:

- which movie did you scrape (and where)?
- which artwork scraper do you have activated?
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[Image: 1qbFVy]
Deadpool with imdb scraper, and all 3 artwork scrapers enabled.

... I have found that it was the animated image scraper that was returning the small images. I have disabled that scraper and it no longer gives me the small images. So I'm happy Smile

just a FYI:
the sizes from the animated scraper are the sizes from the preview images.
The original, donwloaded ones are mostly bigger!
(Sadly, there is no way yet to get the sizes without downloading them - what we try to avoid, since it would render previews useless Tongue)
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Yes I understand, thats a pain. Oh well I think it's fine with that scraper turned off so I'm happy. Thanks for the advice!
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