confused about NFO's
ok here is the situation, i'm in the navy. on the ship we have a large movie collection, 98% of which is cloned on my server. i have "scraper" the files on my own kodi at home. and want to get this meta data to the ship. can i bring my raspberry pi into work and transfer that some how, or is there a more efficient way.

i did read about exporting the information and it sounds like it dumps NFO files in the folders on my server.

so to sum up, online PC (raspberry pi setup) has been "scraper" want to get as much of that information to and Kodi box that has no internet.

any help on this would be grateful.
The easiest solution would be to simply copy the .nfo files from the RPi's SD card onto the ship's server. After that, use the 'Local information only' content setting for scraping.

What the best copying solution is, is up to you. There are command line examples on the Internet to copy *.nfo files to their respective folders with a recursive parameter, for both Windows and Linux environments.

cp -R /raspberrypi/movies/*.nfo //ship/server/movies

xcopy r:\raspberrypi\movies\*.nfo z:\ship\server\movies /s /e

(Above copy examples were not tested, so no guarantees)
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Shipmate, if I were you, I'll ask the ITs. The ship's cyber security usually prevents any program from downloading anything from the web. Might as well download them and put them all in a folder on your hard drive or USB thumb drive. Set kodi not to connect to the web. Ask the ITs for guidelines on using Kodi to CYA. Have a fine Navy day shipmate.

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