Why I can't reply on off topic?
Hello all,

Have  a very good day to all. I am back again into this community. I have a question I'm facing. Why I can't reply or create a new thread on off topic?

Please tell me the reason. Thanks!
That is where we move stuff that doesn't belong in the forum.
You should be able to reply in existing threads there, just not create new ones. As Kib says, it's where we put stuff that's posted elsewhere that's not directly relevant to the site but still acceptable. But of course as we're not a general discussion site here we don't want people to abuse/overuse the fact, hence why the general user population can't start threads there.

I've moved your other post about chat stuff there, as I guess that's where you wanted to put it in the first place.
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Just to be clear, making off topic threads is not encouraged. We do not need them on our forum.
Thanks for the explanation. Glad to know about the details.
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