Certificate verify failed Xbox one
I am seeing in xbox one Kodi log:
<urlopen error: [SSL: CERTFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED]...

Is this a fimiliar issue that will be fixed next update?
Do I need to change something in Xbox settings to let this work?

What site is Kodi trying to open when this happens? One line from a log is useless.
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4 things:
1. Kodi new open screen is looking great! Great job!
2. I tried to get the log file without success:
From file manager, I went to 'parent directory's but I couldn't find the log there.
I tried via 'kodi logfile uploader' but it gave popup error: 'error posting the log file, failed to connect to the server'...
What am I missing?
3. I can tell you that it happened on 'podnapisi.net' while trying to download subtitle during movie. (Kodi repository>subtitles>podnapisi.net).
4. I am using 2018-01-06 version.

It would help you if I take screen shot of the error with my phone including the url?

This is a picture from log file from my tv, I know you want the log file itself (see my post above) but it's a start and I hope it will help you understand the issue.


@nickr here you have a log example with the issue: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26408051/. I have tested it with more https urls and the result is the same.
Looks like a ssl issue like in previous versions.
Only XboX is affected by this. Both UWP Kodi for mobile or desktop works well. We are trying to find a solution.

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Certificate verify failed Xbox one0
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