Questions and feature requests
Hi everyone,

I'm a new TinyMediaManager user, based in France.
So far I'm discovering the software, and I already have a lot to say !
Here are my questions. Hopefully there are answers for them, or they will be solved shortly by the upcoming v3, who knows ? Wink

1. Metadata : all the metadata (pictures, nfo...) seems to be stored in each movie's folder. Which creates a mess in each folder : where before there was generally 1 to 3 files (movie, subtitles, nfo...), now there's a lot of files. So, would there be a way to have all the metadata stored in a convenient ".Metadata" subfolder inside each movie's folder ? This is very important for me, I don't want my movie folders to become a mess ! Even the Actors pictures can be stored in a convenient ".actors" subfolder, so why not the metadata ? At least please make it an option, so everybody's happy.

2. Original title : I'm using french as the scraper's preferred language, to get all the info in french. So the "Title" field is in french, and the "Original Title" is in english. However, in the main window, I would like to browse movies by Original Title, not by title. Is there a way to change this ? It's another critical point for me.

3. Main window : why have only the "Title" and "Year" columns ? I would like to be able to display other columns like "Genre", without the need to use filtering

4. Actors : I wish the Actors names could be clickable in order to take us to their bio. Would that be possible ?

5. Actors pictures : the pictures are really small, and there's no way to click on them to make them larger. Why ?

6. Saga pictures : so far I don't understant where the saga pictures are stored. I have the default settings, so normally the saga pictures should be stored in each saga movie folder... but I see nothing. And yet the saga pictures display, so they must be stored somewhere. But where ? Too bad I can't right-click on them to see where they're stored.

7. Last but not least : could we please get a Dark Theme, for those of us who have trouble with dark text on clear backgrounds ? Thanks !

Well, I think that's all for starters. Many thanks for your help !
I've just seen that some of these points could be solved by the upcoming v3, but most of them remain :

1. Not solved in v3 afaik
2. Not solved in v3 afaik : good news, v3 now allows to choose the columns we want to display... but "Original Title" and "Genres" are not on the list
3. Not solved in v3 afaik : same as 2.
4. Not solved in v3 afaik
5. [Partially solved in v3] Actors pictures are now larger... but you still can't click on them to, say, display them centered on your screen
6. Not solved in v3 afaik
7. Not solved in v3 afaik
(2018-01-07, 10:25)Jose Hidalgo Wrote: Not solved
You write as if these are wrong or not working...
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Sorry about that, it wasn't my intention. Besides, english is not my primary language, so sometimes I don't use the right words Smile Maybe "Not yet implemented" would be better ?
I'd prefer to talk constructively about the points I mentioned, rather than discussing about the words I used.
Thank you.
1. that is one of the base requirements for media centers like Kodi, so this won't be changed. btw: if you use a media center rather than the file explorer, you won't see that _mess_

2. have to check. iirc we already made someting for v3 here

3. genre is a multi valued field - you won't get that into a column in the table/tree views

4. only if the metadata provider provide links to the bios. imho not all sources are able to do that and iirc there is no place in the NFOs to store that. @Karellen wdyt, should we scrape and put the link to the actors in the NFO?

5. has not been requested and we probably only have the low res images here.. I recently changed scraping to bigger images, but since the images will be save as low res in .actors (or already exist in low res there) upscaling will provide a poor quality..

6. these are either in a dedicated movie set artwork folder (if you have chosen this in the settings) or in EACH movie folder of this set

7. v3 is rather dark. we won't create any other theme soon since this consumes tons of hours for almost no benefit
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Thanks for that reply. Here are my comments :

1. I was pretty much sure that it was a base requirement for media centers. I wasn't expecting it to change, but why not propose it as a simple option in the prefs, to make everyone happy ? I don't see any downside in doing that, and it's very easy to implement. I know TMM was designed to be used with a media center, but you know that one part of your user-base doesn't use a media center, right ? They use TMM because it's great in its own, so maybe they are entitled to some specific requirements, provided they don't affect TMM's original purpose. Wink

2. Please let me know if you find something. I don't remember having seen that in the v3 alpha, but maybe I'm wrong Smile

3. I see your point, but I don't see why it would prevent genres to be displayed in a single column. One could imagine a "Genre" column with values like :
Film 1 : Advendure / Action / Thriller
Film 2 : Science-Fiction / Superheros
It's only a matter of column width to display all the values or not. But since width is user-adjustable, I don't see the problem. My display is 2560 pixels wide, so I have plenty of room for that.

4. OK Smile

5. Even with lo-res actor images, I'd appreciate to be able to click on them and display them screen-centered and even zoomed (I have a bad sight, so a zoomed lo-res image is still better for me than a non-zoomed lo-res image). The zoom could be fixed or user-definable.

6. I didn't choose that in the settings, and I have checked each movie folder of the set (it's easy, I only have 4 folders in my test directory, and they are all part of a movie set). I don't see where the artwork is stored. If only we could, say, right-click on it and choose to go to the corresponding folder, that would be great. That would be easy to implement too.

7. v3 is not what I would call "dark" : only the top part of the screen is dark, the rest remains unchanged (black text on white background). Maybe you could just allow users to choose between "black text on white background" or "white text on dark background" ? Even better, why not let users define the font color (we already can define the size) AND the background color ? With only these two settings, I'd be happy. Smile
1. is do-able but that's not so easy to implement as you might think (you must not forget all aspects of file handling like: update data sources, supporting mixed environments, renaming, ...). I'll have a talk to myron how we should handle this request. But for me its rather low priority
2. there is a point in the movie settings: "Display original title instead of title in the movie table" (at least it is in v3)
3. sure you could do that.. let me think about it (we would need to ensure it is a sorted list rather than the order from the movie itself to make it good)
5. I could easily implement that with the lightbox effect we have on the poster/fanart... but that is not user-zoomable; I could add the feature from the image choose to it, but that would break the style.. unsure what to do here.. nevertheless the images in v3 are bigger than in v2 and we will scrape it in better quality - should help you here
7. I've been working for almost 4 years on the details of v3 - it is not as easy as just switching back-/foreground. If you just do that, it would look awful.. you have to adopt EVERY control/icon to the new color scheme to make it good looking.
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7.) if someone wants to volunteer...? ^^
start by copying this to a "dark" dir, and play with all the RGB color settings in every file...
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Thank you @mlaggner for your reply. It's great to see how you consider my requests in a positive way, so thank you for that. Smile

1. I understand that it might be lo-priority, especially for mediacenter users ! lol. But THANK YOU for at least considering it and having a talk with @myron Smile My amateur programming years are far behind, but mixed environments aside, I thought it would be as easy as having two "path" variables (path1 = selected movie folder, and path2 = metadata folder insite the selected movie folder). Maybe there's a smart way to do this that doesn't involve big changes to the existing code ?

As for real world problems, let's say I start using TMM "as it is". So I enter my few hundreds of movies in my database, I scrap infos, images, fanart and such, and by doing that I mess with all my clean movie folders, mixing movie files with lots of image files and .nfo. THEN a future TMM version arrives and implements the optional metadata folder. I guess I would have to either erase all the metadata and start over, or manually move all the metadata in each movie folder to its new metadata folder. For hundreds of folders ! lol. Unless TMM would automatically create all the relevant folders and move all the metadata to each of them... but I guess THAT would be complicated to implement, so I'm not expecting that to happen.

=> Suggestion : to keep things simple, maybe you could implement this as a "first configuration" option : something you are allowed to choose the very first time you start TMM, and that you can't change afterwards. Wouldn't that be smarter ? Wink

Anyway, if there's any chance that this can be implemented, I'd prefer to wait as long as needed before entering my whole movie database in TMM. Better wait and do it good the first time ! lol


2. Thank you ! I hadn't noticed that in v3. That is great news. From an user-friendly point of view, it would be even better to have a contextual menu where one could select/deselect the columns. That way we could even have the original title AND the title in two separate columns if we want.

3. Yes, a sorted list (maybe alphabetically : "Action, Adventure") would look nicer. Another possibility would be if the online info provided a "main genre" and some "secondary genres" (e.g. "Thriller, Drama" meaning the movie is mainly a thriller, with some drama in it, but mostly a thriller), in which case you could choose to only display the main genre in the column. Anyway, thanks for thinking about it.

5. Yes, the same implementation as with the posters/fanart would be consistent. The zoom is only a bonus, so maybe just leave that part aside for the moment. If v3 images are bigger, dsplaying them like the posters/fanart may be enough. Smile

7. You are right Smile As a long-term user of dark themes, I know that making a nice theme is really hard ! For the record, this has been my Windows 7 theme for the last 7 years : . It may not suit others, but it's just perfect for me. Smile
I would gladly play with Myron files, if I understood something about java, which I don't unfortunately. ^^
Another solution would be to allow user-control of at least some UI parameters via a single .css file. So users could play with the .css, at their own risks of course.
I've made this with Photoshop in a couple minutes : . It's far from perfect, but again, it only took me a couple minutes. I could design something similar and more refined for v3, if there was somebody to translate it in RGB code for your files ! lol.
Hi there,
Any news on this ?
Thank you !
no news on this - we've barely time for tmm at the moment
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