Solved KodiSetup-20180106 ..missing info from "AudioLibrary.GetAlbums"

Without this part in database Marcel SHS have no info "AudioLibrary.GetAlbums" don't working.

Dave is this future, or just bug....
If this is future then I need to write in Marcel thread to change his code to "get data from kodi json api for Albums"

Tnx for Answer Smile

reported here and I have same with MyMusic69.db (with MyMusic66.db all working)

KodiSetup-20171126-5ef3967791-master-x86  is last in list and have isue too

Edit: just try version from 20.10.2017 with MyMusic67.db
This part is missing too, AudioLibrary.GetAlbums" working.
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Please don't use the term "latest nightly". When you get a response a couple of days later, that term may already be referring to an older newer build.
No one knows which version/build/release you now actually mean, and we're too lazy/busy to find out ourselves. Perhaps you were using an older build already.

The term is also useless when searching through the Kodi forum looking for specific issues.
So always use the actual full version/build/release/github reference whatever. Thanks Smile
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Angelinas I am not sure what problem you are reporting.

Yes the AlbumInfoSong table has been removed from the music library for v18. It only ever contained scraped track names and durations, and had no connection to the songs actually held in the library (they are in the song table with a relation to the album table). This scraped data was shown by some skins on the album information dialog, but frankly it is better to show the actual songs on the album that the in the library, that we have more infomation for and can be played.

AudioLibrary.GetAlbums works perfectlly when I test it. At no time has it used the AlbumInfoSong table  so I can not understand why you connect them? However there has been a breaking change to parameters for GetAlbums since JSON API version 9.0.0, see
Quote:Dave is this future, or just bug...
I am going to say it is the future, unless you can be clearer on what you think isn't working!

EDIT: I notice a comment on the SHS thread about Window(Home).Property(SkinHelper.ListItem.AlbumCount) not working any more. I don't know how SHS works, but if you can tell me what AlbumCount is and how it got I could be able to help.
This error in log
script.module.metadatautils --> {"error":{"code":-32602,"data":{"method":"AudioLibrary.GetAlbums","stack":{"message":"array ele......................

module use
FIELDS_ALBUMS = ["title", "fanart", "thumbnail", "genre", "displayartist", "artist", "genreid",
    "musicbrainzalbumartistid", "year", "rating", "artistid", "musicbrainzalbumid", "theme", "description",
    "type", "style", "playcount", "albumlabel", "mood", "dateadded"]
definition for "Albums" now is down
    def albums(self, sort=None, filters=None, limits=None, filtertype=None):
        '''get albums from kodi db'''
        albums = self.get_json("AudioLibrary.GetAlbums", sort=sort, filters=filters,
                               fields=FIELDS_ALBUMS, limits=limits, returntype="albums", filtertype=filtertype)
        # override type as the kodi json api is returning the album type instead of mediatype
        for album in albums:
            album["type"] = "album"
        return albums

This thread help Smile
I found what cosing remove  "genreid"......
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